Attorney Admission

Information on Admission to Practice in the
United States District Court for the Eastern District of California

NOTE:  This information pertains to attorneys not yet admitted in the Eastern District of California.  If you are admitted to practice and need to register to file electronically through CM/ECF, see our CM/ECF Attorney Registration Page.

To practice in the Eastern District of California an attorney must be a member in good standing of the California State Bar. In addition, an attorney must complete a Petition by Attorney for Admission to Practice before the Eastern District, pay the admission fee (Fee Schedule) and provide Proof of Good Standing before the California Bar (printout from California Bar website is sufficient). Once the petition, fee and proof of good standing are received, an attorney is eligible to practice in the Eastern District. A certificate confirming the admission to practice should be mailed within two weeks.

In Sacramento send requests to:
Office of the Clerk- Attorney Admissions
501 I Street Room 4-200
Sacramento, CA 95814

In Fresno send requests to:
Office of the Clerk- Attorney Admissions
2500 Tulare Street Room 1501
Fresno, CA 93721

Payments can be made through the mail with a check (made payable to: Clerk, U.S. District Court) or in person at either the Sacramento or Fresno Clerk's Office with check, cash or credit card. 

Payments cannot be submitted electronically or by phone.  

Application instructions and forms to be admitted Pro Hac Vice may be found on our civil and criminal forms pages.