Morgan Hill Case

In December 2011, the Morgan Hill Concerned Parents Association filed a lawsuit in this court. It was later joined by the Concerned Parents Association. Both associations are not-for-profit entities made up of parents and guardians of children with disabilities. In their lawsuit they allege the California Department of Education has violated federal law by neglecting certain obligations it owes to children with disabilities. The Department of Education denies these claims.

As part of their lawsuit, plaintiffs have requested information from the Department of Education, as they are entitled to do under the rules and the law that applies in federal court. Because some of the information requested is protected by federal law, and to protect the privacy of students and their families, the court has issued a protective order preventing any party from publicly disclosing confidential information received in the course of this lawsuit. In addition, on January 26, 2016, the court required the Department of Education to post a notice of plaintiffs' information request and invited confidential objections to the release of information to plaintiffs. Objections must be submitted by April 1, 2016.

Following issuance of the January 26th order, to address the status of objections being filed, the court held a special hearing with the parties on February 29, 2016.  At that hearing the court clarified the history of the case, the handling of the objections, and the management of the discovery phase of the litigation, and in particular electronic discovery, in light of the objections.  On March 1, 2016, the court issued an order confirming orders it made from the bench at the February 29th hearing.     

The court cannot accept phone calls about the case. You may find more information about the case in the court's orders. Those orders, along with other filings in the lawsuit, are available on the docket for case number 2:11-cv-3471-KJM-AC. To allow the public more convenient access to the court's January 26, 2016 order and the notice, as well as the March 1, 2016 order, the court has posted those documents here, on its website.  You may access them by clicking here:  January 26, 2016 Order and Notice - March 1, 2016 Order

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