Information regarding admission to practice in the Eastern District.
Judge Information
Information on Judges of the court, including biographical information.
Court Calendar
All Courtroom Calendars
Local Rules
Local Rules of Practice for the Eastern District.
A lookup interface for judges’ opinions.
The Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system - docket sheets.
Local Information
Information about locality.
Civil, criminal and various other forms used in the court, available for download.
Library Information
Services and hours of library at Sacramento.
Information about the Court's voluntary dispute resolution program.
Fee Schedule
Schedule of fees for filing and Clerk’s Office services.
Criminal Case Information
Information specific to criminal practice in the Eastern District.
Links to law related and other court sites.
Electronic Courtroom
Electronic Courtroom Audio Visual Guide
General Orders
A lookup interface for General Orders that have been posted to this site.
Judicial Advisory Committee
History of and documentation from the Judicial Advisory Committee
Lawyer Representatives to the 9th Circuit Judicial Conference for CAED
Lawyer Representatives to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference for the U.S. District Court for Eastern District of California
Pro Bono Panel
Information regarding joining the Court's Pro Bono Panel
Wireless Internet service
The court provides wireless Internet access in the attorney lounge.