Lawyer Representatives to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference
for the
United States District Court for Eastern District of California

All circuit, district, bankruptcy and magistrate judges, along with lawyer representatives, attend the annual meeting of the circuit-wide judicial conference that is convened pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §333. A 20-member executive committee supervises the conduct of the conference and sets the program theme. This annual conference is the culmination of a year-long dialogue among all segments of the federal bench and bar. Its purpose is to consider the business of the courts and to advise means to improve administration of justice within the circuit. These conferences serve as a vehicle for improved education and communication between the bench and bar, among districts, and between the court of appeals and the district courts within the circuit.

Role of Lawyer Representatives

In each judicial district, the judges and the bar organizations select a number of lawyers to serve as lawyer representatives to the annual Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference. These lawyers, who represent the federal bar, meet throughout the year with the judges from their districts to discuss matters of mutual concern. The lawyer representatives also meet separately to work on projects -- such as rule changes, alternative dispute resolution, or education programs -- designed to aid the courts to improve the administration of justice in their districts.

Current Members

Thomas Phinney (Expires 12/31/2019 – GO 599) (Chair 2019 EDCA Conference)
Parkinson Phinney
400 Capitol Mall, Suite 2560
Sacramento, CA  95814
Phone: (916) 449-1444
Fax: (916) 449-1440
Timothy Buchanan (Expires 12/31/2019 – GO 571)
McCormick, Barstow, Sheppard, Wayte & Carruth, LLP
7647 N. Fresno Street
Fresno, CA  93720
Phone:  (559) 433-1300

Landon Bailey (Expires 12/31/2019 – GO 571)
Bailey PLC
980 9th Street, 16th Floor
Sacramento, CA  95814
Phone: (916) 449-9564

Avalon Johnson Fitzgerald (Expires 12/31/2020 – GO 584) (Chair 2020 EDCA Conference)
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP
400 Capitol Mall, Suite 3000
Sacramento, CA  95814
Phone:  (916) 329-7930

Alex Nowinski (Expires 12/31/2020 – GO 584)
Hardy Erich Brown & Wilson
455 Capitol Mall, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA  95814
Phone:  (916) 449-3800

Megan Sammut (Expires 12/31/2021 – GO 593)
United States District Court
Eastern District of California
501 I Street, 15th Floor
Sacramento, CA  95814
Phone:  (916) 930-4706

Glen Gates  (Expires 12/31/2021 – GO 593)
Gates Law Group, PC
2445 Capitol Street, Suite 160E
Fresno, CA  93721
Phone:  (559) 432-9944

Brande Gustafson  (Expires 12/31/2021 – GO 598)
Weakley & Arendt, PC
5200 N. Palm Avenue, Suite 211
Fresno, CA  93704
Phone:  (559) 221-5256