Judicial Advisory Committee

The Judicial Advisory Committee (“JAC”) serves a unique role within the Eastern District of California. The JAC brings together representatives of various offices and organizations that have an interest in the administration of justice in the federal courts in the Eastern District. These include representatives of the Federal Bar Association, the United States Attorney’s office, the Federal Public Defender’s office, the California Attorney General’s office, the lawyer delegates to the Ninth Circuit Conference and other groups interested in federal practice.

The JAC was established by General Order in 1997. The Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990 directed each District Court to establish an advisory committee to study and suggest ways to reduce cost and delay in civil litigation in federal court. In the Eastern District, the Court established an advisory committee that for the first time brought together representatives from the various committees and organizations that had previously operated independently, to discuss ways to improve the administration of justice in the District. By the terms of its authorizing legislation, the advisory committee focused exclusively on civil litigation. When the federal legislation reached its sunset, the advisory committee disbanded. But, the Court recognized that the advisory committee had been helpful in assisting in the work of the Court, and therefore decided to reestablish a similar committee with an expanded focus.

By General Order 348 the Court created a “Judicial Advisory Committee.” The Committee is comprised of representatives from more than a dozen organizations and offices that have a substantial and recurring interest in the work of the federal courts. The Committee serves as the Court’s liaison to the bar, and provides a means by which the Court and the bar can exchange ideas regarding federal practice.

Over the past several years, the JAC has assisted the Court in numerous ways. Important examples include proposing changes to the local rules, overseeing the District’s alternative dispute resolution program, and developing a juror outreach program in the District’s Fresno Division.

Any questions regarding the JAC can be addressed to the current chair:

Dina Santos, defense@dinasantos.com or (916) 447-0160.

 Current JAC Roster