lodging and subsistence

Any juror that travels more than 80 miles one way (based on zip code information) and stays the night in Sacramento or in Fresno to report for jury duty on an assigned day, will receive a subsistence of $214.00 per night in Sacramento, $182.00 per night in Fresno and $187.00 per night in Bakersfield. This will enable you to travel the night before and stay in a hotel so you can report as early as 8:00 a.m. the next day. In addition to providing a hotel receipt you must sign the travel log at the front counter of the Jury Office. If you stay the night in Sacramento or Fresno but NOT in a hotel, you are entitled to a subsistence of $69.00 per day, and in Bakersfield you are entitled to a subsistence of $64.00 per day. You will be asked to provide the name and telephone number of the family or friend with whom you stayed. Failure to sign the travel log will result in nonpayment of subsistence fees. You must sign the travel log daily and provide an original receipt to the Jury Administrator for each night that you stay in a hotel or you will not be paid the subsistence fees. You also will be reimbursed for any bridge or ferry tolls you incur, but not for taxi fares. Again, you must provide a receipt to be reimbursed.

While the court does not endorse particular hotels, there are various hotels located near the couthouses as follows:

Fresno Court

Radisson Hotel
(800) 333-333


La Quinta Motor Inn
(800) 531-5590

Super 8 Motel
(559) 268-0621


Holiday Inn Downtown
(800) 465-4329

Sacramento Court

Holiday Inn
(916) 446-0100

Vagabond Inn
(916) 446-1481

Embassy Suites
(916) 326-5000

Best Western
(916) 443-6515

La Quinta
(916) 448-8100

Ramada Inn
(916) 442-6971

The Governors Inn
(916) 448-7224

Capitol Inn
(916) 443-4811

Bakersfield Court

Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center

(661) 323-1900

The Padre Hotel

(661) 427-4900

Embassy Suites
(916) 326-5000

Best Western Plus Hill House (661) 327-4064