The Federal Judiciary has developed a Next Generation (NextGen) Case Management/ Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) system that will allow attorneys to use the same account for both PACER and electronic filing access.  NextGen includes “Central Sign-On,” a new functionality that allows registered CM/ECF users to access all NextGen courts to which they have access (appellate, bankruptcy, and district) using one PACER login and password.

The District Court for the Eastern District of California upgraded to NextGen on July 6, 2021.  Registered CM/ECF users must have their own individual upgraded PACER account. PACER account credentials are used for logging in to NextGen CM/ECF.  Shared PACER accounts cannot be used with NextGen CM/ECF.  E-filers are required to use his or her own individual PACER login and password for access to the electronic filing system.

E-Filing in NextGen

E-Filers must do the following in order to file in NextGen:

Step 1 - PACER account

  1. Obtain your own individual PACER account.  Each attorney must have their own individual PACER account. If you currently do not have a PACER account, Register for an Individual PACER Account.

    Shared law firm PACER accounts are no longer valid, however, firms may set up a PACER Administrative Account (PAA) to help manage attorney accounts and have those individual accounts centrally billed for PACER access fees. View instructions on how to Register for a PACER Administrative Account.
  2. ---OR---
  3. Upgrade your existing individual PACER account.
    If your PACER account was issued prior to August 11, 2014, it’s considered a legacy account and will need to be upgraded immediately. Go to PACER to log in with your current PACER credentials and click on “Upgrade” next to your Account Type. View instructions on how to Upgrade Your PACER Account.

Step 2 - CM/ECF account

Know your current CM/ECF username and password.
If the login information is stored in the browser, it will be lost and not recoverable once NextGen becomes active. If you do not know your current CM/ECF login credentials, please contact the CM/ECF Helpdesk.

Step 3 - Link both accounts

After the court installs NextGen on July 6, 2021, you must link your upgraded PACER account to your CM/ECF account or you will be unable to access the Court’s electronic filing system. Link your PACER account with CM/ECF.